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Offering a spherical sweep of interesting spiritual topics and practices. Grounded in Anglican and Circle Way beliefs and customs. Conversations with friends and guests who enlighten paths for healthier living and deeper connections w/The Divine. 'Hosted by two Episcopal Priests who see the world thru a shared and different len(ses). Coming Soon - A series of Conversations surveying Jesus' Beatitudes (as offered in Matthew's Gospel).

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CircuOsity - 10-28-2022

Friday Oct 28, 2022

Friday Oct 28, 2022

Jim attempts to explain his current feelings of loneliness and anxiety.  Jim views himself as participating in the "Great Resignation" and is striving to frame his circumstances in a spiritual as well as vocational fashion.  Are you lonely?  How are you addressing your loneliness?  What might you share with Jim and other listeners that is valuable and wholly good.

Tuesday Apr 19, 2022

Sabbath - We conclude with a conversation of how Jesus' mortal death transcends death into a period of creative sabbath time. We also explore the relationship of rebirth in Christ by considering Nicodemus' presence at Jesus' tomb. There are cosmic implications for both topics. The world and life as we know it changes when Jesus dies and sets God's victory over death into rebirth- beginning with Holy Saturday's quiet and silence.

Sunday Apr 10, 2022

Episode Six of Lenten Contemplations is live and ready for your viewing/listening.
Atonement - At-One-Ment - Jesus' death on the cross is an archetypal moment in human history. For some believers, it is the pinnacle moment for forgiveness of sins. For other believers, it is the moment when Easter actually begins with Jesus mortal death and metaphorical and salvific effort to reconcile humanity and creation to God and to one another. Whatever it may mean - this 'death' is not an end. It is a transformation of a life of faith from one depth to another. Perhaps this conversation with Dean Andrew McGowan of the Berkeley Divinity School at Yale may shine light on the all understandings of atonement and Jesus' death on the cross. The images, silence, and music by Chris Keeney may provide resources for deeper contemplation and wisdom too.

Saturday Apr 02, 2022
Andrew McGowan in CircuOsity's fifth episode of Lenten Contemplations helps listeners and viewers alike to consider the depths of thirstiness Jesus is experiencing on The Cross. The conversation flows from the heart of Jesus' mortality and his divinity. His statement of need is also an invitation to at-one-ment. He is, in John's Gospel, instituting deeper communion between Jesus and Jesus' followers who observe this horrible yet miraculous interchange between life and death. Chris Keeney returns with more oud music that sets the stage for periods of mediation and reflection. All of this provides those who take it in something special as Holy Week draws nearer.

Lenten Contemplations - Episode 4

Wednesday Mar 30, 2022

Wednesday Mar 30, 2022

Lent offers a time for reflection, repentance and biblical studies. Jesus' Seven Last Words on the Cross provide a provocatively profound framework for such activities. CircuOsity, in partnership with Dean Andrew McGowan, invite you to take in a fully sensory devotional set of Lenten Contemplations. The series begins on March 4th and continues through Good Friday in April. Listen, learn, and love God in a newly sensory way. This week's episode speaks to God's apparent absence from The Cross as well as God's full human participation in The Cross' pain. What might we imagine about The Christian God's attributes with regards to pain and suffering. Does God allow evil? Why? Why not? Would we prefer a Divine tyrant. These and some other questions are central to this podcast. We blend in portions of The Episcopal Church's Noonday Office along with oud music and illuminations for contemplation and prayer.

Friday Mar 18, 2022

Jesus does not die without ensuring that his mother is cared for following his last breath.  His act of completely compassionate love should not be lost on us.  Sometimes we think that love only happens in the best of times. Perhaps the greatest acts of love happen under traumatic circumstances.  SImple acts of kindness are possible when two people like or care for one another.  What does it mean to offer love beyond mortal death.  How does God's providence happen in such places - if not especially so.  
This podcast episode seeks to unravel some of these questions along with articulating the truly gut wrenching acts of kindness we witness between Mary, Jesus, and John the Beloved Disciple. 
There are audio segments of the podcast that are 1 or 4 minutes in length offering time for reflection, meditation, and other contemplative practices.  Enjoy and may your soul be enriched. 

Friday Mar 11, 2022

The cross Jesus of Nazareth dies on may be the most pivotal of human moments.  It stands as a symbolic edifice of the costs that imperial evil and power place upon humanity.  And yet, in this space and time, Jesus declares that he and those who seek the Kingdom of God will be together in paradise?  What is he offering - salvation for the repentant?  rallying cries for the zealous? Andrew McGowan posits that Jesus invites us - along with the penitent thief - on the cross not just a nostalgic view of what life was life before our suffering began.  Rather, the invitation speaks to Golgotha's horrifically positioned powers of Grace.  Will imperial Rome and all other forms of human demonic forces destroy life or will suffering, outcast prophets, martyrs, and saints receive God's Grace to inbreak God's reign of justice, peace, and co-existence.  There are no clear answers perhaps to these questions - there are faithful ones.  This week's episode explores all of these themes along with periods of music for silence, reflection, journaling, and more Lenten disciplines.  

Thursday Mar 03, 2022

Luke 23:34
Jesus' first words from the cross offer forgiveness to his persecutors - and to all of humanity.  Andrew McGowan - in his book - Seven last Words - offers that Jesus' greatest work happens on the cross and this he initiates this work by forgiving instead of choosing another form of power.  God forgives in a manner that human beings do not usually nor can typically fathom.  How then can we follow in Jesus' manner of being.  How shall we balance Christian justice with Christ-like forgiveness. Both virtues are important to the Christian religious traditions.  
This first contemplation offers some possibilities in understanding these concepts as well as moments for musical and silent reflection.  We welcome questions and comments.  We also invite you to watch the video version of this podcast on Christ Memorial Episcopal Church's YouTube webpage.  The "visio divina" portion is quite meditative. 

Thursday Jan 06, 2022

Epiphany is one of the Church's oldest and yet least understood holidays.  Epiphany offers Christians and other people of faith an opportunity to celebrate God's overt presence in our midst.  The Church celebrates the sacramental power of living into baptismal faith as well as a plea to go and find God as well as share the great news of God's Love as it is born and reborn into creation. 
We sought out one of the Episcopal Church's brightest stars.  The Rt. Rev. Robert Wright is the diocesan bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta. Bishop Wright is a powerful preacher, adaptive leader, and motivational bishop. He covers the themes of purpose, mission, leadership, and a concluding Epiphany message that invites listeners to get on their feet, go into the world with purpose, and be agents of God's reconciliatory and redeeming love.  This podcast concludes the "I Wonder" series and it is a must listen! Pay particular attention for educational words about adaptive leadership and some great military reminiscing. 

Monday Dec 27, 2021

As we approach Christmas we share a chat with The Rev. R. Casey Shobe D. Min. Casey leads one of The Episcopal Church's most vitalized congregations. We talk a lot about the wonderful programs happening at Church of the Transfiguration in Dallas, TX. There's more too including about the holy nature of cycling and how the Magi's imagination might better shape the life of Christians today. Casey's humility and graciousness really stand out in this chat. Listen especially for themes of yearning, vulnerability, and hope.  Also, think about how stories such as Narnia and Dicken's "A Christmas Carol" prompt and shape your faith and relationships with God and people.


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