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Paths - A Lenten Daybook

March 5, 2019

My spouse, The Rev Dr. Howell Sasser, and I are collaborating on a special Lenten podcast series. Paths is a Lenten Day Book. Howie offers a written Lenten pilgrimage for listeners and readers to walk upon every day from Ash Wednesday (March 6th) until Holy Saturday (Apr 20th).  Each day, I will offer a reflection upon Howie's writing. I'll include a prayer, short homily, and some ideas about how to walk with his wonderful words. Every week, beginning this Friday (March 8th). Howie and I will converse about our discoveries. We may find time to invite and discuss your questions/ideas.


This initiative is a dreamy brainstorm that I put together this morning. So, it's a total work in progress.  Look for updates, deviations, more imaginations, and everything that this Lenten Wilderness offers as we embark upon Howie's and my Lenten path that we hope and pray to share with you.


O Holy One, Give the Spirit <our souls> the power to climb to the foundation of all light and be purified. 

Breakthrough the mists of Earth, the weight of the clod. Shine forth in splendor, thou that art calm weather, and quiet resting place for faithful souls. To see thee in the end and the beginning.

Thou carriest us and thou dost go before. Thou art the journey and the journey's end. Amen 

BoethiusBoethius - 6th Century AD

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