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Offering a spherical sweep of interesting spiritual topics and practices. Grounded in Anglican and Circle Way beliefs and customs. Conversations with friends and guests who enlighten paths for healthier living and deeper connections w/The Divine. 'Hosted by two Episcopal Priests who see the world thru a shared and different len(ses). Coming Soon - A series of Conversations surveying Jesus' Beatitudes (as offered in Matthew's Gospel).

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Thursday Dec 16, 2021

This week's episode takes us to the islands of Hawaii.  The Rev. Katlin McCallister has traveled many, many miles in her pilgrimage to become the Rector of Holy Apostles Episcopal Church - Hilo, Hawaii. Katlin started her journey in New Jersey relocated to Tucson, AZ where she discerned a call to ordained ministry as a member of the University of Arizona Episcopal Campus Ministry. She experienced a true gift of the Holy Spirit while on pilgrimage in Ireland.  Now, she advocates for the rights of indigenous persons and communities while serving a wide array of parishioners.  
Her pilgrimage is unique as she has found her voice and sense of call often while traveling far and wide across this wonderful planet.  You'll enjoy her humor, , candor, and deep presence of Christian faith.  Listen especially for her detailed and reflective view of Anglicanism and American Christianity's impact upon the people and cultures of the Hawaiian islands.  Pay heed also to her struggle to hold fast to her own sense of well-being and priestly responsibilities in the unique situations she has found herself.  

I Wonder as I Wander - Episode 2

Wednesday Dec 08, 2021

Wednesday Dec 08, 2021

There is no greater expert in the field of Adaptive Leadership than Hugh O'Doherty. From his roots in Northern Ireland until his present day work with leaders in Ghana as well as with students at the Harvard Kennedy School, Professor O'Doherty has wandered wisely far and wide to create a safer, reconciled world into being.  Hugh sits down w/ Jim and Howie to share some of his stories.  Pay particular attention for the "Saturday matinee" and "Mr. X." narratives to learn why justice is so important to Hugh and to us.  Jim brings up the concept of bids based upon the Gottman Institute's relational counseling work while Howie brings it all down to the family, friendship levels.  All of this undergirded by the notion of searching for God when God is already present.  Listen closely for this closing conversation.  Happy Advent 2 

Thursday Dec 02, 2021

Howie and Jim begin this series by sitting down with one of their closest friends and colleagues. Amy Welin (Dean of the Episcopal Cathedral of St. Stephens - Harrisburg, PA) joins in exploring themes of wandering, the meaning of Advent, hope, and other important seasonal and religious topics. What do the Magi teach us?

Thursday Nov 25, 2021

Howie and Jim take a few minutes to offer their thanksgivings and hopes for the Beatitudes for the 21st Century series. Each host shares some of their "lessons learned." They express a sincere yearning that the podcast series' website ( will not become dormant. Rather, there's time and space to continue the learning and indeed bring the beatitudes more into life now that all of the episodes are completed. CircuOsity's duo then introduces their next series "I wonder as I wander." This series begins in early December. It is a collection of conversations about wandering and wondering thru the holiday season. The story of the Magi's pilgrimage to follow the star to the Christ Child's manger offers a scriptural and living backdrop for each episode and the series as a whole. Listen and look into this concise production that includes some clever comments and some beautiful music.

Friday Nov 19, 2021

In sum, Jesus' Beatitudes are for all of us.  "Blessed are you."  The challenge is whether or not we believe in Jesus' abiding presence to participate in his sacrificial example of "blessing." Will we allow other human beings to revile us on behalf of the Gospel?  Will we seek actively to support and defend the dignity of every human being?  Will we offer peace in times of conflict?  Will we rejoice when we have accomplished the hard work of being employed with Judeo-Christian virtues of patient hope, diligent discipleship?
We sought out the advice of The Rt. Rev. Dr. Audrey Scanlan to discuss and respond to these and more questions. Bishop Scanlan brings her insightful and enjoyable wisdom to this podcast. She understands and is willing to take controversial stands on issues such as gun control.  She advocates for women and children thru her deeds as much if not more than her words. She's one of the Episcopal Church's brightest lights shining brilliantly on the issues of our day as well as how best to be missional and "reshaped by faith."  Enjoy and heed her solid advice and interpretation of scripture. You will be "embraced by God."  (A. Scanlan, July, 2021)

Thursday Nov 11, 2021

There are hundreds of mentions of righteousness in the Bible. Righteousness - the right relationship w/ God and one's neighbors and environment is central to Judeo-Christian theology and ethics. Jesus himself, when speaking of his baptism in Matthew's Gospel directs us to understand that his baptism indoctrinates righteousness into his own ministry. The Rev. Russ Bohner, TSSF enlightens us about righteousness in this podcast. He shares his own faith journey to include belonging to the Tertiary Order of St. Francis to place righteousness at the core of the Christian Gospel. This is a wise and deep wellstream of conversation about what some might say is the most important theme in The Beatitudes.

Saturday Oct 30, 2021

Blessed are the peacemakers.  Peace-making is a planetary as well as a parochial matter.  Peacemaking begins within ourselves and then extends outward into the relationships and walkways of our world.  There is no other beatitude that is more incarnational and intentional than peacemaking. Today's conversation with The Very Rev. Dr. Andrew McGowan explores ancient as well as contemporary examples of peacemaking.  Professor McGowan explores the work of Jesus himself, as well as Paul, Begin, Sadat, Carter, and Martin Luther King. Jim and Howie invite Andrew to explore secular as well as sacramental aspects of peacemaking while also sharing wisdom from Andrew's most recent book (Seven Last Words: Cross and Creation (Cascade, 2021).  Enjoy the content from a world-class  New Testament scholar and good mate. Pay particular attention to his thoughts regarding Eucharistic celebrations, peacemaking in an ecological sense, and his concerns regarding welcoming exclusion. 

Saturday Oct 23, 2021

Blessed are the pure-hearted. We think of this beatitude in absolute terms. Purity=perfection. We don't tend to think of pure-heartedness as raw, vulnerable. even perhaps behaviorally maladaptive. And yet, as The Rev. Dr. Gil Stafford points out the truth of pure-heartedness in absolutely loving and honest terms. Howie, Jim and Gil walk through miles of thought as they discuss themes such as soul friendship, blessings at the point of mortal death, and purity of heart filled residing in communities. Pay particular attention to Gil's conversation around his new book "Meditations on Blue Jesus." The video edition of this podcast includes artwork painted by Gil's Sister - Dinah. You can learn more about her and her life here . In sum - Jesus the Christ's pure heartedness is inherently human and lived out in a deepening search within and without rather than a dogmatic pursuit of perfection.

Saturday Oct 16, 2021

Matthew 5: 7 - Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.
Blessed are the merciful, not the nice or the pitiful. Jesus offers this beloving beatitude in the Spirit of compassionate care. Mercy (hesed) is a shower of blessings between the giver and receiver. Bishop Caryle Hughes wisely points out that such bold mercy in our time requires baptized and confirmed Christians who are practicing Adult Christianity. Going to Church is one important thing. Living into the Church's mission is a much more just adventure. You'll delight in Bishop's humor, sincerity, and grace as she converses with Howie and Jim in this episode.

Sunday Oct 10, 2021

Matthew 5:6 builds upon 5:5.  Disciples who suffer in want of, ( Hunger - πεινάω 0) & are desperately thirsty ( διψάω ) for a upstanding relationship with/for God (righteousness -  δικαιοσύνη) will be satisfied (   χορτάζω ) .  Satisfaction isn't descriptive enough.  Stuffed is better.
The Rev. Canon Mark Harris is an artisan and artist on behalf of Christ's righteousness. He is a preacher as well as a printmaker.  He is a consultant and a creative blogger. Mark brings all of these talents to this episode in our effort to unlock more understanding of God's reign in the beatitudes and more broadly in Matthew. 


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