CircuOsity Podcast

In(ter)depence - The truest meaning of freedom

June 29, 2019

Jim offers his reflection on the themes of freedom, liberty, and independence. The July 4th holiday in the United States is next week. Politicians and citizens alike will celebrate the United States' freedom. Yet is independence such a great value? Does valuing one's greatness and/or a nations status really invoke the highest virtues of liberty and justice for all.  Jim suggests that the greater good is to be found in interdependence. Such virtuous living begins with one's self and one's own transformation. Jim uses an article from Ron Esposito of the Conscious Living Center to support his ideas. He also builds upon one of his heroes, Robert F. Kennedy's as a foundation for truly understanding American justice and freedoms.  Jim references John Donne's No Man is an Island poem too.

In sum, Jim suggests that living spiritually well as a person and nation is to strive for interdependence and honest self-understanding.  The Circle Way  offers principles for shared understanding and maturation. Spiritual paths grounded in contemplative meditation and holistic communal collaborations will also promote freedoms beyond The Declaration of Independence and unhealthy proclamations of national greatness and privilege. 

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